Category : JIVR Maintenance

Ok, this is a strange question you’re unlikely to ask but it gives us a chance to state clearly that, no, you don’t need to do anything that involves touching, removing, altering or anything else like that involving JIVR’s battery. You can’t even see it, and that’s a good thing since it means that it’s safely contained inside the frame, away from dust, moisture and the elements. Just thinking about the battery is enough, and you only have to do that from time to time to charge it. Did we mention that we don’t want you to touch the battery?

No cleaning or maintenance of any kind is required for JIVR’s proprietary drive train mechanism because it is completely encased inside the frame. It is a shaft-based drivetrain that transmits torque and rotation from the pedals to a custom-designed clutch located in between the main frame and the back swing arm. The clutch then powers a carbon belt, encased in the back swing arm, which in turn rotates the back wheel. The clutch, shaft, gears and a majority of components are made out of steel, making it extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.