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The JIVR proprietary chainless drivetrain has several custom-designed components. It is a shaft-based drivetrain that transmits torque and rotation from the pedals to a custom-designed clutch located in between the main frame and the back swing arm. The clutch then powers a carbon belt, encased in the back swing arm, which in turn rotates the back wheel. The clutch, shaft, gears and a majority of components are made out of steel, making it extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The JIVR proprietary chainless drivetrain is single gear and has a 1 to 3.05 rotation ratio. Due to the fact that the whole drivetrain is encased in the frame, maintenance is not required, we do not recommend opening the frame or altering the design of the drivetrain.

JIVR drive train

Yes, of course. You can customise the bike with cosmetic, safety or other features as you like. However, it is important that you not do anything to fundamentally alter the functioning of JIVR, the range of motion of any moving parts or the operation of the electrical system.

While there is currently no obligation to have insurance to operate a JIVR, some jurisdictions may implement such a measure in the future. Please refer to local laws governing the use of e-bikes in your area.

Yes, you can. JIVR folds down to a size that is easy to handle and store on public transport channels like buses, trains, and trams. Please note that policies regarding tickets for items taken on to public transport may vary.

While there is no fixed limit on the minimum or maximum height for riders, anyone under 140cm (4’7”) or over 205cm (6’9”) may have difficulty finding a safe and comfortable position. When the seat is extended to its highest position, riders should always be able to control the bike and stop by putting their feet on the ground without difficulty.