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Hand-made from press moulded aerospace-grade aluminium
Bespoke JIVR headset
Durable satin powder coating finish


Proprietary chainless mechanical drivetrain, single gear, 3:1 ratio, 92% constant efficiency
Bespoke JIVR CNC-machined 160mm crankset
Folding pedals


Bespoke bonded JIVR aluminium fork
min-height 800mm, max height 1050mm


Bespoke JIVR asymmetric seatpost design
Bespoke JIVR, quick release mechanism
Alpine, double layered gel saddle
min-height: 800mm max height: 1050mm


600mm wide straight handlebar
Shimano brake levers (front & rear) 110mm adjustable stem
Bespoke JIVR LED red assistance mode button
Blue “Angel Eye” LED ON/OFF switch
Ergonomic gel handlebar grips


Hand-made, spoked and manually calibrated wheels
20’’, 36H aluminium rims, triangular cross-section for enhanced comfort and durability
Bespoke JIVR single-sided hub machined from a single block of aerospace-grade aluminium
160mm disk brake rotors, Shimano disk brake calliper
Continental 20’’ x 1.4’’ tyres


ASI BAC Ne 500 controller
Bespoke JIVR Bluetooth-enabled battery management system
8.7Ah, 36V Li-ion battery
JIVR | App available for iOS and Android
Bespoke JIVR 250W, single-sided brushless electric motor (36V)
Proprietary JIVR motion sensing technology


Length: 1480mm
Width (handlebar unfolded): 600mm
Width (handlebar folded): 260mm
Seatpost min-height: 840mm
Seatpost max-height: 1070mm
Fork min-height: 830mm
Fork max-height: 1000mm

Length: 720mm
Height: 765mm
Width (handlebar unfolded): 600mm
Width (handlebar folded): 390mm

Weight: 18kg

Pedal-assist bikes powered by an electric motor decrease the effort required to ride. With the extra help, riding for pleasure, commuting to work or any other reason for getting around on two wheels is easier and less physically demanding. Also, the bike’s electric motor doesn’t have to be engaged if you don’t want or need it, so it can always be used as a conventional bike if you want a bit of a workout!

JIVR is an engineering marvel. Riders enjoy the benefits of three cycling innovations combined for the first time in an attention-getting, stylish form:

Electric bikes are easier to ride, when easier is what you want. They can provide different levels of pedal assistance to make the ride as easy as you want it to be, meaning that don’t have to make lifestyle compromises in the form of, for example, not being able to ride dressed for work because of the physical demands of non-electric bikes.

What do you do with your bike when you have to take it with you into crowded spaces or when you want to put it out of the way? You fold it, obviously! JIVR has a quick and easy folding motion that makes it possible to take it into work environments or simply occupy less space at home when not in use. It’s also ideal for anyone with a mixed commute who might need to bike, take a tram or bus and then bike again. Being able to shrink down to half your normal size has its advantages!

When you pedal a bike, it turns a chain that turns the rear wheel, right? Well, usually, yes. But JIVR doesn’t have a chain. Instead, rider-generated power is transferred via a durable carbon fibre belt encased inside JIVR’s frame. This means no mess, less maintenance and zero chance of grease stains on your hands or trouser leg.